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It is not wrong to say that money makes the world go around. By being in control of your finances the world will move smoother.

1. Get your everyday finances under control

You need to know everything about your money. How much you spend and how much you earn. Down…

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The case is so much more complex than you think. I don’t know anything about American law, but I have common sense and I am a lawyer. So perhaps I can explain to you a few things that I believe the public doesn’t understand.

This case has to do with…

Comfort is a safe zone of familiar activities or places. It is comfortable because we are already accustomed with it, we know what to expect if we do certain activities. Which makes comfort is predictable. Predictability is something that makes us feel protected. Protection is the ultimate feeling of ease.

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No, I can’t. Some of you would probably even say that I am a terrible writer. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it, it causes no harm to anyone. Well, some people perhaps find my stories gringe, weird, grammatically incorrect, and so on. So, proceed at your own risk…

Shit start happening when you let go of, I HAVE TO. You don’t have to. You choose whether you will do something, or you don’t.

You choose whether you will brush your teeth twice a day, regardless of how annoying it is. But not taking care of your teeth is…

Wake up at 5am

be thankful and grateful

eat healthy breakfast

drink a smoothie, not coffee

work out

work a corporate job

but freelance at the same time

save shit…

1. Understand that you are your own luck.

Don’t wait to get lucky by some magic shit, you have to create your own luck by moving towards your goals. Every single day, step by step. You are the lucky charm in your own life, you are the force that motivates…

Oh, I forgot. It gives you something in return: a fucking waste of time.

Almost every day there is one or two people who start following me on Medium, or clap on my story. Sound good right? It is not, they are not on my page because they are interested…

There is an endless desire to be rich because we tend to have the idea that having more money equals more happiness. But is it true?

Having more money provides us with more opportunities. Such as being able to live in a beautiful and comfortable home, being able to spend…

People tend to fall either into two categories either a saver or a spender. I am most definitely a spender by heart. If I have money, I want to spend it. I would say I am a natural spender. Saving on the other hand is hard for me, I have…


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